Copyrights cover a wide range of creative works, including books, music, photographs, film, artwork, software and other original intellectual creations. Ryder, Mazzeo & Konieczny attorneys have the skills and experience to protect their clients’ valuable copyrights. We assist our clients with registering their copyrights in the U.S. Copyright Office. Also, we are well versed in drafting and negotiating complex copyright license and assignment agreements, as well as writing copyright release forms as needed by our clients. We also have the resources and experience to defend our clients’ copyrights and pursue infringers on their behalf in courts throughout the United States. Learn more about our Litigation services.

Our attorneys’ copyright services include the following examples:

Copyright Registration Applications in the U.S. Copyright Office and Abroad
Copyright Disputes: Enforcement and Defense
Federal Litigation – including temporary restraining order and preliminary injunctions
License and Assignment Agreements
Copyright Forms including Release Forms
Monitor new developments on the Internet that could impact our clients’ copyrights, including issues with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
Provide guidance for clients’ copyright protection policies in the creation and use of their copyrights