In today’s fast-paced and increasingly technological world, more and more companies are finding the need to license manufacturing know-how, trade secrets, patents, and other intellectual property. These functions are critical to outsourcing, franchising, and venture capital financing as well as aiding in assessing mergers and acquisitions.

Through careful coordination with our client’s management team, the attorneys of Ryder, Mazzeo & Konieczny aid in objectively valuing intellectual property and structure licenses, contracts and agreements to achieve the most beneficial business terms.

Here are some examples of the services our lawyers provide:

Patent Licensing Agreements
Trademark Licensing Agreements
Copyright Licensing Agreements
Trade Secret Proprietary Agreements
Technology Purchase and IP Acquisition Agreements
Technology Joint Venture R&D Agreements
Product Distribution Agreements
Website and Internet Development Agreements
Outside Consultant Agreements
Computer Software Development and Ownership Agreements
Employee IP Agreements
IP Settlement Agreements