Patents protect inventions or discoveries in any new, useful and non-obvious process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or improvement thereof. Preparing and prosecuting a patent application before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) requires an acute understanding of: the science and technology underlying the invention; the specialized rules and procedures that govern PTO procedure; and, the specialized law that defines patent rights.

Ryder, Mazzeo & Konieczny has a team of experienced attorneys that have both the technical background and legal experience necessary to effectively and successfully prosecute patent applications and represent clients in all other aspects of patent prosecution and procurement.

In addition to obtaining patent rights in the U.S., Ryder, Mazzeo & Konieczny procures global patent protection for its clients through its worldwide network of foreign associates. We work with our clients from the earliest stages of design and development to the eventual marketing of their products worldwide.

Patents grant the patent holder (inventor or assignee) a limited monopoly in exchange for disclosing the invention to the public. The patent holder may utilize the limited monopoly to exclude others from making, using or selling the invention. Alternatively, the patent holder may license others to make, use or sell the invention in exchange for license royalties.

Ryder, Mazzeo & Konieczny is well versed in drafting and negotiating complex patent license agreements, including exclusive licenses, non-exclusive licenses, field of use licenses and cross-licenses. Ryder, Mazzeo & Konieczny also has the litigation resources and experience to pursue patent infringers and to defend our clients against allegations of infringement in any court throughout the United States.

In addition to procurement, licensing and enforcement, our patent lawyers provide a full range of portfolio-management services. Always aware of client’s business needs, we apply our worldwide experience to help our clients decide what inventions to patent, where (which countries) to secure patent protection, when to maintain those patents in force, and how to enforce those patents.

Our attorneys have expertise in a broad spectrum of patent issues including:

Patent Opinions and Due Diligence

    • Patentability Searches and Opinions
    • Product Clearance Searches and Opinions
    • Infringement Opinions
    • Validity Studies
    • Procurement - Title and Ownership Due Diligence and Claim Scope Analysis

Patent Preparation/Prosecution

    • Design Applications
    • Provisional Applications
    • Utility Applications
    • Continuation Applications
    • Divisional Applications
    • Continuation-in-part Applications
    • Reissue Applications
    • Accelerated Examination Procedure
    • National Stage Applications (Based on Foreign or PCT Applications)
    • Appeal Proceedings Before to the Board of Patent Office Appeals and Interferences (BPAI)
    • Interference Proceedings Before the BPAI
    • Re-examination Proceedings

Patent Agreements

    • Licenses - Exclusive Licenses, Non-exclusive Licenses, Field of Use Licenses and Cross-Licenses
    • Assignments
    • Purchase Agreements

  International Protection

Industries Served

    • Biotechnology
    • Chemical
    • Construction
    • Consumer Products & Services
    • Electronics, Computers & Software
    • Financial Services
    • Internet & E-Commerce
    • Materials Science
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Medical Devices
    • Nanotechnology
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Semiconductor Processing & Devices
    • Telecommunications
    • Transportation